Productive Pastor

Here are 5 Tools/Apps to help every busy pastor:

1 - Google Keep: This is a great note taking app that will help you store all your ideas. It is designed more for quick note taking. Jot down points for a sermon, record a quick melody or make a checklist for an upcoming event. It's easy. You can access it on your computer or on your smartphone. 

2. Evernote: This is another note taking app. You can use it more for long notes, like writing your sermons. There is a free plan and a paid plan depending on how much you use it.

3. Google Calendar: This is a great calendar app. I use it to store all my appointments. You can use it on your computer as well as your smartphone.

4. Zoom/Skype/Google Meet/WhatsApp: Good communication with your team is important. These apps make it easy to do a video conference or have a quick chat. I use Skype to do video meetings and WhatsApp to send a quick message. All the apps are cross-platform so an Android phone can have a conversation with an iPhone

5. Google Drive/Dropbox: If you want to send large files these two apps are the most popular. Both apps allow you to create a folder on your computer that will backup all your files to the cloud. 

I hope these tools will help you in your ministry. 


Andrew Akam

Andrew Akam