Bro Andrew is a gift to the Body of Christ. The Quality of his job is remarkable.

Pastor Johnson Adekile

Father God, you are omniscient! Even the technical plan of Google would not escape your knowledge. Thank you for bringing Andrew to us and making our website mobile app friendly!

Cynthia - Village Eulogia

I searched for months for someone to build our website. Not just anyone. I almost contracted with several for the job but just did not feel right about it. And then came Team Outreach and an amazing young man, Andrew. I was so impressed right from the beginning as he thoroughly checked us out just as much as we checked him out. Integrity all the way. And excellence. It was an absolute joy interacting with him during the process.

He is so very patient yet dynamic. He worked with us every step of the way to understand the vision, who we are and what we wanted to accomplish. He far exceeded our expectations. We call him the ‘Rocket Launcher’. We believe we have been given a dynamic program and he put everything in place to launch it. Yes it’s true, he is one of the rare genuine men of excellence and integrity that you seldom meet but will never forget.

Laurie - Feed My Sheep

Andrew’s design for our website was excellent. The end result was clean, simple and easy to navigate. Our information, graphics and photos were well utilized by Andrew and he welcomed collaboration in this process. In the end we have an effective means to reach out to those families in need and the people resources to care for them.

Timothy - Village Eulogia

Hi Andrew. The flyers look fantastic – thank you for getting them done for us in such great time!

Pia - King Street Church

He completed the design and production of material and delivery well within the aggressive timeline he was given, thereby, exceeding our expectations. The quality of work was impressive. He was able to take a general understanding of what we, the client, wanted, come up with a great concept, and produce a fantastic product. Andrew’s shared knowledge, about product design, to an effective marketing strategy, including the use of the printed materials, was invaluable.

Karen - Project Manager

The website he designed exceeded my expectations. He was very professional and worked with me every step of the way from choosing the pics, designing the Logo, to the development and design of each page. I was so pleased that he also graphically designed and printed my business cards. He is a one stop shop for all your advertising needs and at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Andrew.

Dr. Anna Pouchet- Hope and Wellness Clinic

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